Annual Report






The following is a summary of the activities of the Genesee County Department of Planning and its various boards and agencies for the year 2017.



The Planning Department continued its assistance with a number of County projects often times working with other County Agencies to accomplish important tasks as follows:


Comprehensive Planning Process                   Steering Committee and ten Focus Groups

SEQR/NEPA Reviews                                      Genesee Region Housing Initiatives Committee

County Planning Board                                    Housing Assistance and Information Directory

Water Resources Agency                                 American Planning Association (APA) 

Geographic Information System (GIS)             BID Business Development Committee

Pictometry                                                        BID Design Committee                                                                        

Sheriff’s E911 Address Maintenance               STAMP Architectural Review Committee

Ellicott Trail Steering Committee                      NYS Association of County Planning Directors

Ag & Farmland Protection Board                     Water Quality Coordinating Committee (WQCC)

Ag District Annual Enrollment Period              Traffic Safety Board    

County Parks Advisory Council                       GLOW Region Land Bank Committee

G/FL Regional Planning Council                     City of Batavia Downtown Revitalization Initiative

Web Mapping Application                                County Housing Needs Assessment

Partners for Livable WNY                                Beertavia Steering Committee                       

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)          Capital and Asset Acquisition Budget 
                                                                         and Program                       

GGLDC Foreign-Trade Zone                            Agricultural and Farmland Protection   
Advisory Board                                                 Plan Update 

Finger Lakes Region Electric Vehicle              Water System Hookup Administrative 
Supply Equipment (EVSE) Working Group       Review Committee

Genesee County Local Emergency                 G/FLRPC Planning Coordinating 
Planning Committee (LEPC)                            Committee (PCC)

Chamber of Commerce Business 
Development Committee




The Planning Department continued to provide assistance to local planning, zoning, and legislative boards. The scope of this assistance ranged from providing information regarding the development and revision of various land use regulations to the preparation of amendments and GIS/mapping assistance. Planning staff sponsored zoning and land use training for the County Planning Board and all municipalities. Assistance with project reviews and/or zoning text and map amendments was provided to 17 of the 22 municipalities. Planning Staff also continued to assist various municipalities in the process of planning for the impacts of the proposed Western New York Science Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Park (WNY STAMP). Comprehensive Planning assistance was provided to the Town of Pavilion, Town of Byron, Towns of Alabama and City of Batavia.



The Director of Planning supervises GLOW staff and continued to serve on the GLOW Region Solid Waste Management Committee and its Planning and Advisory Subcommittees. 


                                                                                                                     Felipe A. Oltramari AICP CNUa