Human Resources

Exams Open to the Public

Exam Title    Last Filing Date Typing Test Exam Date Room Number
Librarian I, O.C. #64-431 11/29/17 No T&E Exam  
Library Director II, O.C. #61-360 11/29/17 No T&E Exam  
Emergency Services Dispatcher, O.C. #66-635 11/29/17 No 1/6/18 T102
Caseworker CR-15 10/25/17 No 12/2/17 T102
Legal Clerk Typist, O.C. #69-337 9/20/17 Yes 10/28/17 T102
Youth Program Assistant, O.C. #60-533 9/20/17 No 10/28/17 T102
Highway Maintenance Supervisor, O.C. #61-949 9/20/17 No 10/28/17 T102
School Attendance Clerk, O.C. #62-350 9/20/17 No 10/28/17 T102

A $25.00 exam fee is required for ALL Open Competitive and Promotional exams for Probation and Emergency Services Dispatcher titles and uniformed titles in the fields of Police/Sheriff, Corrections, and Fire. 

 A $20.00 fee is required for all other Open Competitive or Promotional examinations.

 A $5.00 fee is required for ANY titles which require the administration of a typing performance test. This fee must be paid no later than five days prior to the scheduled test. If candidates are waived from the typing performance test, this additional fee will not be required.

YOUR APPLICATION FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED if you do not meet the requirements for admission to the examination. Compare your qualifications carefully to the requirements stated on the announcement and file only for those examinations for which you are clearly qualified.