County Treasurer

Key 2013 Goals

  • Complete tax foreclosure auction for ninth consecutive year, with delinquent parcels from 2010, keeping with new annual schedule of tax foreclosures.  Maintaining an annual schedule will bring in consistent revenues each year instead of sporadically every few years.
  • Implement a new tax collection system that will be more user friendly, more efficient along with enhanced capabilities like accepting credit card payments and posting paid tax bills online for the taxpayers of Genesee County to view.
  • Continue working with Purchasing Department on the training and monitoring of P-Card users.  The P-Card system has been a success to date helping eliminate postage and paper costs while making the purchasing process of items under $500 much more efficient.  In 2013 the goal is to significantly increase the amounts paid with County P-Cards versus traditional checks to take advantage of rebates offered by M&T Bank.
  • Continued support to the annual assessment projects including the City of Batavia, Towns of Alexander, Batavia, Bergen, Byron, Elba, LeRoy, Oakfield, Pavilion and Stafford. 
  • Continue collaboration with the City of Batavia, NYSORPTS, and GAR Associates to aid the City with their annual reassessment projects.
  • Continue the in-house maintenance of the County’s tax maps.
  • Continue to work towards updating the County’s tax maps to include all water district boundary lines.  The inclusion of this information will be very useful to assessors, property owners, and all other individuals who rely on our maps and data. 
  • Support the continued development of the GIS site.
  • Continued collaborative effort with Orleans County Real Property in regards to the tax map maintenance contract.
  • Continued support of the on-line Assessment information that has been made available to the public. The availability of this information, which ranges from assessment and inventory data of all real property, tax bill information for the fiscal year, deed owner data, to tax maps, has alleviated traffic in our Department and phone calls, as the public and professionals have found this data to be easily attained via their homes or offices.
  • Continue to support and maintain the Terminal Server which houses all of Genesee County’s assessment data.
  • Work with IT during the upgrade to ARCGISv10 to ensure a smooth transition and to make sure that all necessary tax mapping functions can be performed on the new version.
  • Successfully transition the Deputy Real Property Director into the Real Property Tax Services Director position, and eliminate the Deputy Position going forward.  This goal is dependent on NYS approval, which we are anticipating.